Cybersecurity Ventures predicts cybercrime damages will cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021, up from $3 trillion in 2015.

Halian can help you to avoid the risk of brand reputation damage, loss of revenue, loss of employment by undertaking a blind security study to verify your external and internal security exposure.

We work with an externally renowned partner to rapidly deliver penetration test services verifying the real external and internal exposure to cyber security threats.

1. Perform penetration test on demand
Halian, with trusted partners, will perform a thorough reconnaissance on the exposed footprint of your infrastructure. Possible application and infrastructure vulnerabilities will be classified and thoroughly tested for exploitability. The tests may be external blind testing, or a combination of external and internal penetration tests to simulate different scenarios.

2. Report critical and urgent finds within 2 hours of their discovery
Any proven vulnerability, which is exploitable and considered urgent to fix, will be reported within 2 hours of discovery. Urgent vulnerabilities are considered those which represent a real threat, that are being actively exploited by malicious groups and are critical to fix.

3. Deliver comprehensive report within 1 week
A comprehensive report will be delivered within 1 week of the tests conclusion. The report will contain, vulnerabilities found, criticality classification, exploitability of the vulnerability and practical proof of the impact where applicable or safe to do so.

4. Prepare short-term remediation and long-term strategy to avoid security exposure
A workshop will be held as a last stage of the security testing service. The workshop requires the participation of the internal security team and management. It will define consensual short-term remediation activities and the long-term strategy to elevate the security maturity of the enterprise.

The benefits:

  • Immediate clarity on security vulnerabilities
  • Recommendations and remedial plan to address findings
  • Proactive measures to mitigate future attacks and enhance security
  • Confidentiality and independence of our report

We will help you:

More in depth follow-up services may include:

  • Implementation plan of the short-term recommendation.
  • Security policies and compliance workshop.
  • Follow up security testing activities on a regular basis.
  • Long-term advisory partnership on security strategies.

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Best practice:

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