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Here are the three things companies need to do to retain top talent

29 April 2019

Halian’s HR Business Partner Veera Marshall was recently in the news, discussing how the way organisations interact with their employees is more important than ever before. Here are Veera’s three top tips for companies to win and keep the best talent in an increasingly competitive marketplace:

As more and more elements of our everyday working lives become automated, nurturing the ‘human’ element in the workplace has become increasingly important.

With rapid developments in technology such as AI, and an increase in the numbers of millennials in the workforce, managers now need to be aware of the crucial ‘human’ element of HR.

With an eye to the most significant trends dictating the future of HR, here are three things companies should be focusing on in 2019 and beyond:

Make it personal

The modern workforce is all about individualisation. The ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach no longer works, as employees want their managers to look at their individual strengths and weaknesses and give them personalised development plans to further their career.

Strategise for success

Organisations with a clear talent strategy will benefit and perform well on business outcomes. We’re almost certainly going to see organisations across the board commit to a proper review of their current business strategy and goals as a starting point to assess their talent needs for the short and long term.

Make use of AI

The emphasis should be on streamlining HR with AI. There are many operational areas of HR that can benefit from AI to increase their effectiveness and strengthen productivity. AI doesn’t replace roles per se, but removes tasks that limit a human’s effectiveness in adding value. In the next five years I believe we’ll see a step change here.

You can read the full article on HR Zone: