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Over and Out from Gartner’s ITXPO

8 November 2018

Group MD Levon Antonian rounds off his trip to Barcelona as a guest of Gartner at their annual ITXPO symposium. After a series of presentations about what technology will bring us in the near future, Gartner’s David Cearley concluded with his top technology trends emerging in 2019.


The hype about driverless cars may be for good reason as it looks like that by 2021 one in every ten cars on the road is going to have some autonomous driving capability. But this will start to go much further, covering all land, sea, air and digital environments. Ships, drones, farm machinery, general appliances and agents will begin to collaborate and display intelligent machine learning capabilities. All of this will transform the jobs market from taxi-drivers and delivery services to factory workers and security guards.

AI driven development

By 2022 at least 40% of new application development projects will have artificial intelligence co-developers on their team. This will allow everything from apps to algorithms to be written more efficiently and more quickly, reducing development time and costs dramatically. That’s one way the current skills shortage will be addressed – a Virtual Intern and a Virtual Data Scientist paving the way to a Citizen Developer.

The birth of Digital Twins

OK, they may have been around for a while, but now a full quarter of all enterprises implementing IoT projects are using Digital Twins to drive business opportunity. Essentially a digital representation of real world things, these dynamic software models will combine situation data, analytics and metadata to improve operations in areas such as R&D, maintenance and performance testing. Gartner expect that number to be practically 100% in five years.


Encrypted digital shared ledgers will become a 3 trillion-dollar market by 2025. The current frenzied interest will die down and there will be gradual move from private to public blockchain. From e-health and shipping transit records to digital gold assets and new global marketplaces.

Let’s get immersive

Immersive tech for consumer and enterprise use is on the rise, and demand is only going to increase. Field service agents might have been using VR/AR for a little while now, and training simulations have been around for decades, but the step change to come is how consumers will demand and receive a multisensory, multichannel experience. Put on your VR headset and drive that new SUV off road. Checkout the local shopping centre for a new iPhone or walk through your redesigned apartment before the builders start work. All this powered by augmented reality. And the Alexa that doesn’t understand you half the time? Give it a couple of years and it’ll be your complete PA and possibly your soulmate too.

Thank you to Gartner for an excellent symposium, to all the speakers and delegates, and to the city of Barcelona for providing a wonderful backdrop to an inspiring glimpse into the future. Hasta la Vista!