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Talent Cracker and Halian Partner in the Middle East

15 October 2018

Halian has signed an agreement with the first technology skills assessment platform in the ME region to tackle tech talent shortages. This follows the official launch of Talent Cracker at GITEX.

Talent Cracker is set to change the talent management industry, by streamlining the process of matching employers with the right candidates via the first online assessment-based recruitment platform for the Middle East region. The platform, which already has 1,000 candidates and growing, is designed for technology enterprises offering managed or offshoring services in the region, and enables them to validate candidates’ specific IT skills.

Halian has signed up as Talent Cracker’s first customer and is currently recruiting up to 250 technology positions across its combined EMEA markets, 150 of which are in the Middle East region. Talent Cracker will enable Halian to rapidly identify the right expertise for its corporate and government customers, many of whom are looking to outsource IT service provision as part of their on-going digital transformations.

“We are delighted to welcome Halian as our first customer in the region. Halian has an excellent reputation for innovation and agility when delivering IT talent to enterprise scale organisations and is one of the most reputable IT services companies in the UAE,” said Alaa El Nawawy, CEO of Talent Cracker. “We will support them on their journey and work together to solve one of the most critical talent shortages in the region.”

According to McKinsey, the digital industry could add USD 95bn every year to the Middle East’s GDP and the demand for experts in the IT and innovation sector is outgrowing supply. The average cost to recruit is at an all-time high of $4,000 per hire (OfficeVibe, 2017).

Stuart Fry, Halian’s Group Sales Director said: “Talent Cracker is a brilliant concept backed by easy to use technology. It has been designed to solve an increasingly serious problem that many organisations are facing – how to ensure the right expertise is engaged to get the job done well. At a time when IT skills shortages have reached a critical mass with new technologies developing faster than ever, this partnership is a strategic move to technically validate our potential staff and find the very best skills faster to serve our growing customer portfolio.”