Case Study Project Services

Taking the right path to the cloud

Major trading conglomerate, Middle East

In brief


  • Ageing hardware and escalating support costs
  • Feasibility of migrating from an on-premise datacenter
  • Identify strategic value
  • Assess technical readiness
  • Demonstrate clear business case


  • Deliver Infrastructure Optimization Assessment
  • Demonstrate strategic and technical migration path
  • Show long term ROI


The business was established in 1950 and has developed at a rapid pace from the entrepreneurial trading company to today’s large conglomerate. It has significant business interests across the Middle East region in automotive dealerships (KIA and Hyundai), construction, heavy equipment supply, contracting, hospitality, food & beverage, property management, investments and travel.


Their on-premise datacenter has ageing hardware and escalating support costs. The organization wanted to explore the feasibility of migrating all it’s servers and applications hosted in its datacenter to a Microsoft Azure Cloud solution. Before starting this journey they wanted to ensure that the decision was made on a data-driven and well-informed basis taking into consideration three main criteria; strategic value, technical readiness and a clear business case for migrating to a cloud solution.


Halian partnered with Microsoft and engaged with our customer to deliver an Infrastructure Optimization Assessment. This identified the strategic value of a cloud solution, providing insights on the likely drivers and obstacles for successful cloud adoption for the business. The assessment also provided a comprehensive checklist for technical readiness with recommendations on which workloads within the data centre could be transferred quickly through a “lift’n’shift” migration plan. Support was also given to building a detailed cloud migration roadmap to identify future workloads to be migrated in priority order. This meant that the productivity and cost advantages were front end loaded with a rapid bottom line saving in datacenter costs. This roadmap also identified parts of the infrastructure that required preparatory upgrades to avoid migration failures further down the line. Finally, Halian presented a clear business case to ensure that the transition from capex to opex would show a clear ROI in the long run.


Before engaging with Halian on this assessment, it was not clear to the customer if migrating their workloads to Microsoft Azure cloud would make a positive impact on their strategic and financial objectives. Following Halian’s engagement the business case was clear – they would be able to achieve savings of 46% within 16 months for migrating workloads to the Azure Cloud. On-premise costs were calculated at a yearly average of $331,577 and after moving operations to Azure the yearly average will be $178,683. In addition, the future strategic value drivers around security, scalability and agility were documented and a tactical readiness roadmap delivered.


Financial Migration projection - 16 months �

“The way Halian approached this assessment was very professional and made life very easy for us. The Halian team knew exactly what they needed to be able to deliver a comprehensive and trustworthy report and that made it simple for us both when it came to providing evidence and eventually when the report was presented. There is no doubt that we have a much better understanding especially of the financial and strategic of moving to Azure. Our gut feeling about the migration to Azure has now been documented and verified.”

IT Operations Senior Manager