Case Study Project Services

Optimizing on Azure

National oil and gas distribution company, Middle East

In brief


  • Very large on-premise server footprint causing challenges with security, scalability and management
  • No maturity level of security for the current cloud environment
  • Poor optimization of existing Azure solution
  • Business case for migrating entire infrastructure estate to Microsoft Azure not clear


  • Collect data for usage and consumption forecast
  • Build business case with clear TCO and ROI for migration to Microsoft Azure
  • Present report to customer IT Management
  • Support customer to optimize the Azure consumption and deliver significant cost savings


The company is a leader in the UAE oil and gas sector. Over the past 30 years, it has evolved from a local oil and gas company to a global operator across various aspects of the energy sector value chain. Servicing thousands of customers across 60 markets, employing a workforce of over 9,000 employees and has a stated mission to continue its growth and diversification strategy and use technology to support operational excellence and cost optimization.


With a very large on-premise footprint, our customer was facing challenges with security, scalability and management. The large number of distributed servers – least one local server was situated in each gas station – meant that infrastructure support costs were escalating. Some applications had already been migrated to Microsoft Azure but it was unclear what, if any, cost savings and efficiencies were being realized. Added to this, the business had limited visibility of the maturity level of security for their cloud environment and how best to manage its Azure environment going forward.


Halian were engaged to build the overall business case for migrating their entire on premise infrastructure to Microsoft Azure and have a Total Cost of Ownership and Return On Investment calculation for this project. To do this Halian collected inventory and performance metric data from their network and rapidly developed a comprehensive report to share with the customer’s IT Management. This included a set of recommendations to optimize the Azure consumption and minimize costs by re-sizing the Azure VMs, ensure that all Azure VMs were secure with updated patches and endpoint protection, and train their systems administrators how to clean stale virtual machines and remove unattached disks.


Halian’s Azure assessment was used to leverage the business case internally with the customer’s Executive Management. It was based on a clear understanding of the TCO of the existing infrastructure and the ROI of moving forward with a cloud migration strategy. They were able to show a 27% decrease in Azure costs based on performance metrics and significant operational improvements through this process resulting in a renewed investment in cloud migration projects.

Based on our customer engagement, Halian are now trusted to be Digital Partner Of Record for their Azure platform. This means that we are working closely with them to ensure cost and performance optimization and that the Azure solution remains secure.

“Halian has given us a clear view on costs, technology benefits, and our own readiness as we journey to the cloud. The bottom line figure is that by moving our entire on premise infrastructure to Azure, we’re looking at potential savings of more than 27% per year.”

IT Infrastructure and Information Security Manager