Case Study Managed Services

Integrating applications for 100,000 users

A global pharmaceutical company, United Kingdom

The brief


  • Design and deliver business application provisioning and integration service
  • Globally manage demand of 50-80 new applications per month
  • Support Windows, Citrix, and iOS environments
  • Innovate, reduce timescales, deliver savings


  • Meet the customer’s tough 13 and 5 day SLA requirements for application integration
  • Develop automated workflow and customised reporting toolset
  • Develop automated application profile downloads as part of PC Lounge service


A global pharmaceutical company, our customer’s business depends on effective IT services, including the on-demand global application provision and integration for 100,000 desktop and laptop users across more than 100 countries. Since being awarded the service contract in 2005, we have developed a strong relationship with our customer in the UK and the US and earned the position of “Trusted Partner.”


Historically, the service had transitioned between global suppliers, using both onshore and offshore delivery models. However, constant delivery issues and failure to meet SLAs meant that the customer’s global Application Provisioning & Integration service was persistently in escalation. Pressure to reduce timescales to 13 days for integration of desktop applications into the highly managed desktop environment, and the need to increase service delivery, led to the project being put out to tender once again. The successful provider would be tasked with integrating 50 to 80 new desktop applications into the locked-down environment every month – and to do so 50% faster than previous providers.


Halian’s reputation is built on rapidly delivering value for our customers. It was therefore crucial to speedily bring the service on-site, engage effectively with the multiple business divisions, produce quick wins and to restore confidence in the service company-wide. Regular communication at both a business and an IT level enabled us to take the service out of escalation status within six months, while a new engagement process made sure that applications could be handled more effectively. The Halian service now provisions and integrates over 750 applications per annum, ranging from upgrades of existing core applications to the integration of completely new software products. And to meet the standard 13 day SLA and the fast-track 5 day SLA for Windows, Citrix, and iOS applications, we have dedicated some of our most experienced consultants to the service. Based in the US and and the UK, they routinely deliver out of hours cover and project-based activities to support the constantly changing needs of the business. The Halian team have introduced powerful process automation workflows including license compliance, license optimisation, application testing, quality assurance, distribution, patching, and upgrades as well as application replacement and retirement. The combined saving in rationalising licence costs through the service is estimated to be £5m per annum. In parallel with Halian’s Help Lounge service, we have automated the rebuilding and downloading of user application profiles to minimise desk-side support costs and dramatically improve user productivity and satisfaction.


We have successfully transformed a problematic service in constant escalation to a stable, ‘business as usual’ core function that has consistently delivered to our customers’ high level of service expectations. Our competitive price per application model combined with our dedicated on-site service team means that we always offer premium value for money. And as part of our long-term innovation plan, we relentlessly look to implement tools and solutions to simplify processes through automation and continue to deliver value as a trusted partner.