Case Study Resourcing Services

Finding the best talent

Postal, banking and telecoms provider, Europe

In brief:


  • Business transformation dependent on new talent being hired.
  • Extensive internal HR process unable to deliver fast enough.
  • Escalating costs as gaps filled with external consultants.
  • Difficult to source technical and language requirements.


  • Close coordination with all key stakeholders.
  • Key talent gaps mapped out and talent acquisition strategy defined.
  • Agile resource management through dedicated service team.
  • “Try before you Buy” service to fill skills gaps and support long term hiring process.


Our customer provides postal, banking and telecommunications services, with nearly 4500 staff, generating over 760m euros in annual revenue from over 26 operating companies. It has set out an ambitious programme of transformative change that will invest in new services linked to digitalisation, ICT convergence, cybersecurity and logistics aiming to deliver sustainable growth and improve the customer experience in a socially responsible way.


Technology was seen as a strategic enabler of the customer’s change programme, and required a combination of new permanent staff and external resources across key operational business units and high priority projects. But as a state owned enterprise, staff recruitment and supplier engagement had become slow, cumbersome and costly. Internal approval processes meant the ‘time to hire’ had regularly stretched to over ninety days and resulted in major bottlenecks to the transformation programme. Budgets were escalating as high cost consulting firms were engaged to fill resource gaps for extensive periods. Layered on these challenges was a requirement for multi-lingual (French, English, German & Luxembourgish) expertise in a market with an acknowledged IT skills shortage.


Halian was invited to present its Resourcing Services in 2016 were and quickly engaged to map priority projects with talent needs.Initial assignments focused on Helpdesk, Network and Security Engineers and building extensive talent pools to respond quickly and proactivelyto project demands. Slow and ineffective HR processes were replaced by Halian’s agile Resourcing Services and hiring times were drastically reduced. The recruitment challenge for the client was addressed through Halian’s “Try before you Buy” service to engage a staff member on our payroll before transferring to the customers headcount at the end of a defined period once all the necessary approvals were in place. Where appropriate, upskilling through integrated training was included in an engagement to provide accredited knowledge to specific projects.


Halian has grown its presence to over 24 billing heads covering Architecture, Project Management, Business Analysis and Development disciplines in multiple programme workstreams. There has been a regular flow of transferred staff to the customer headcount and a wide-ranging and long-term framework agreement put in place to support all its subsidiaries. Costs have been dramatically cut as the need for consulting firms has been removed. There is a constant dialogue and performance management between the Halian Account team our technical staff and the customer’s management. Critical to the success was Executive level support from both the client and Halian to ensure access to decision makers and adequate dedicated delivery resources were brought to bear in a timely manner.

“What I like about Halian is that my challenge becomes their challenge as well. We have found a long-term partner that we can rely on and see as an important enabler for our own organisation. We have seen significant cost savings, a marked improvement in the time taken to onboard resources and a level of professional commitment difficult to find elsewhere. They really go the extra mile.”

Chief Operating Officer