Case Study Resourcing Services

Delivering staff augmentation and reducing risks

Healthcare and Research Centre, Middle East

In brief


  • Lack of available resources in the region
  • Limited HR capability
  • Complex visa compliance issues
  • High churn and attrition of overseas hires


  • Highly innovative global search and selection campaign
  • Managed visa, relocation, and on-boarding process
  • Reduced costs and risks by introducing option to hire permanently after first year


Halian are proud to provide resourcing services for one of the largest healthcare programmes in the Middle East. Our customer aims to transform the healthcare in their county by providing world-leading patient care, medical education, and research. At the core of their mission is the use of IT systems to store and communicate patient records to all clinical staff, enabling more accurate diagnosis, delivering consistent treatment, and improving health outcomes for their patients.


Technology staffing is a huge challenge across the Middle East, and one of the biggest hurdles facing many ambitious projects. The lack of regional expertise to deliver the scale and diversity required by our customer’s IT programme had already severely impacted project costs and timelines. This was compounded by complex visa regulations and the difficulty of attracting top talent through traditional HR channels. And the high failure rate of international hires also presented their leadership with significant churn and attrition problems. To address this set of potentially fatal risk factors, Halian, in partnership with one of our customer’s key technology suppliers, were awarded the framework contract for staff augmentation services in 2012.


Flexibility and agility are core Halian qualities. We analysed our customer’s hiring needs, identified where the technical expertise could be sourced internationally, and put into place a structured and highly innovative search process. All new hires were provided with relocation advice and personalised local support and orientation once they’d arrived in the country. Critically, our operational team managed the entire end-to-end visa process and simplified staff on-boarding dramatically. Screened, interviewed, and offered, individuals were then employed by Halian on our payroll, and sub-contracted to our customer, with the option to be hired directly at the end of the first year. This meant that our customer could trial potential long-term hires without having to undertake the demanding relocation and on-boarding process themselves. In the Gulf region, it is estimated that 1 in 5 international placements fail within this first year, so this service enabled our customer to significantly reduce the risk and costs associated with overseas hiring.

In effect, we allowed them to cherry-pick employees who could add the most long-term value to the core IT programme, and who had demonstrated a good cultural fit within their internal team.


Halian has quickly come to be regarded as a trusted talent provider to our customer. 25 permanent staff have been placed, with 20 more due to be transitioned into full-time internal roles in the near future. With our support, our customer have been able to expand their IT team in line with their ambitious project plans, which are now firmly back on track.