Case study Managed Services

Enabling compliance for IT projects

A science-led healthcare company, United Kingdom
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In brief


  • Introduce an end-to-end Document Administration service
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Improve quality and ease of access for project audit purposes
  • Per project pricing model


  • Build on our excellent track record with our customer
  • Create a new and dedicated Document Administration service
  • Improve reliability and consistency of documentation
  • Reduce costs and improve productivity of project staff


As a science-lead global healthcare company with annual group revenues of £23bn, our customer uses technology to enable growth, reduce risk and improve its operational efficiency. And given its highly regulated environment, the technical documentation and administration of all its IT projects is a key part of its compliance requirements. 


Our customer required an end-to-end service that would manage every mandatory process for the documentation of their IT projects. Compliance with regulatory standards was a given but the ability to support external audit capability was equally important. In addition, the project documentation had to be stored securely and archived accurately, yet be easily accessible for inspection by both the pharmaceutical regulators and internal auditors. The service also needed to be scalable and able to comply with different legislative jurisdictions and corporate guidelines, while delivering a rapid and efficient service in accordance with strict SLAs and corresponding metrics relating to both timescales and the quality of service. 


We created a new and dedicated Halian Document Administration service tailored to our customer’s specific needs. This meant that the clear, singular focus of this service would be solely document administration. Our long standing partnership with our customer ensured we were familiar with the organisation's stringent quality processes, leading to a smooth transition from localised and inconsistent document administration to a centralised and uniform service. We built on our existing close working relationships with IT Quality,  Record Management and a large number of IT project managers to pilot and then deliver a robust but agile “business as usual” managed service. And priced per project, this pay per unit approach, irrespective of time spent, allowed Project Managers to fix and managed their costs efficiently.

Since launch in 2006, our service has been focussed on customer satisfaction, with regular service innovations aligned to the changing regulatory and governance environment. High satisfaction rates have translated directly to wider adoption and increased economies of scale in terms of pricing. In addition, we have created a shared site for new service users and conducted regular presentations to a wider audience to encourage engagement and take-up of the service.


Our customer was so impressed with the service output that in 2014, the IT Governance Board mandated that the service was used for all validated R&D projects that carried a high regulatory risk. As well as a tangible financial saving through specialisation and economies of scale, our customer also benefited from focusing their project team resources on higher value activities, resulting in increased project productivity. Most significantly, document administration is now carried out to a consistently high standard resulting in fewer red flags through the audit process.